Facio Innovations Technology

Established in 2015, Facio Innovations Technology (faciotech) is a technology and information technology infrastructure company. Our dedicated team of web experts provides companies with the tools and know-how necessary to thrive online.

Since 2015, faciotech has set the bar for service reliability and security and has earned the confidence of tens of thousands of customers in Ghana and beyond. As a result, it is one of Ghana’s fastest-growing online service companies.

Faciotech specializes in various hosting services, including WordPress, shared and reseller hosting, and managed VPS and dedicated server hosting with data centers in the USA and Canada.

Azunus Realty Consult

Azunus Realty Consult is the best for all the consultancy you need in the field of Real Estate. We use a team of professional and experienced Real Estate Agents, property valuers, Architects, constructors and researchers to provide quality consultancy and services in Real Estate agencyproperty valuationbuilding plans and designsReal Estate development and constructionReal Estate Investment as well as research.

At Azunus Realty Consult, we are committed to providing professional and expert advice and services in the field of Real Estate. Being committed to building lasting relationship, we ensure transparency and integrity in our work with clients.

For your convenience, our team is available all throughout to give you all the information and services you need in your Real Estate ventures. Our joy is to see you make informed decisions and get access to quality services that yield viable results in your Real Estate business.

Faciotech Foundation

Faciotech Foundation is a philanthropic services company that provides unique tailored services to communities, non-profit organizations, and initiatives. We design our philanthropic services to provide both access to technology and empower our beneficiaries in using technology.

At Faciotech Foundation, we recognize a significant gap in the philanthropic landscape: while many organizations provide essential financial support to NGOs, communities, and initiatives, there remains an unmet need for technological solutions and expertise. Our goal is to close this divide by providing innovative technologies and practical knowledge, enabling our partners to achieve long-lasting and significant outcomes.

Our Cause Aid

Our Cause Aid is a crowdfunding platform dedicated to supporting small charities in Ghana that provide social support for vulnerable and disadvantaged populations. We understand that as a charity, you are committed to making a positive impact in your community. However, we also recognize that fundraising can be challenging, and that’s where we come in. Our platform is designed to make it easy for you to connect with donors and showcase the work you do.

By creating a profile on Our Cause Aid and launching a crowdfunding campaign, you can share your story, connect with donors, and raise the funds needed to make a meaningful difference. Our platform also offers evidence-based storytelling and transparent impact reporting to build donor confidence and trust. Getting started is simple. Just create a profile on our platform and follow the steps to create a campaign. We provide all the tools and resources you need to succeed.