The Urbane Difference

At Urbane Holdings, we are constantly on the lookout for individuals with unique skills and a passion for making an impact. We value talents driven to shape the future through strategic investments in our key sectors. Our ideal team member is not just seeking a job but is eager to join a mission that drives growth and prosperity. We champion creativity, innovation, and a strong sense of responsibility towards our investments and the communities they influence. If you thrive in a dynamic, future-oriented environment, Urbane Holdings could be your next professional home.

Our People, Our Strength

At Urbane Holdings, we affirm that our greatest asset is our people. We’re committed to nurturing a workplace where everyone feels valued and supported. With our employee development programs, we help you grow personally and professionally, offering mentorship, skills training, and leadership development initiatives. We also promote work-life balance and provide flexible work arrangements. Even after our employees move on, we maintain strong bonds, considering them part of the Urbane Holdings family.

Career Development

We’re dedicated to our employees’ professional growth at Urbane Holdings. We offer tailored training, coaching, and mentoring, acknowledging everyone’s unique strengths. With our robust succession plan and career progression framework, you’re assured of growth opportunities within the organization. We promote from within and provide a clear path for career advancement.

Employee Well-being

We advocate for our employees’ total well-being. Our compensation philosophy echoes our core values, offering competitive packages, comprehensive health plans, life insurance, paid leave, and attractive salaries. We recognize that our employees have lives outside of work, and we offer benefits designed to support all life aspects. These include flexible work arrangements, wellness programs, and a supportive work environment.

Job Opportunities

At Urbane Holdings, we offer a variety of roles across our investment sectors, believing in the strength of diverse skills and experiences. We strive to cultivate a workspace where everyone can find their niche, from seasoned professionals to fresh graduates. Explore our job listings featuring roles in investment analysis, portfolio management, operations, technology, and more. Each position at Urbane Holdings promises the opportunity to make a significant contribution to our mission.

Our culture

Join our culture of enterprise, creativity, and ethical success.

Our culture at Urbane Holdings is defined by our commitment to enterprise, excellence, and execution. We foster an environment where creative thinking, striving for excellence, and consistently delivering outstanding results are encouraged. We believe in the crucial role every individual plays in our success and nurture a collaborative environment where everyone’s contributions are acknowledged. We adhere to ethical business practices and expect all our employees to uphold these standards.

Graduate Trainee Program

Our Graduate Trainee Program is an exclusive opportunity for recent graduates to gain hands-on experience in the investment sector. This six-month program combines practical work with academic learning and talent development. Trainees rotate through our various investment sectors, gaining a well-rounded understanding of our business. Successful trainees join the Urbane Holdings workforce upon completing the program, continuing to grow and make a meaningful impact.